So you have your fantastic new product, service or application and now you need somewhere to show it off to the world, promote it and sell it. You will find your audience has less time to spend on desktops and may be using their smartphone and mobile devices and how do you best reach them.

If you’re wondering how to turn your website into an app for Android and iPhone devices, you’re not alone. Yes, customers have gone mobile and any small business without an on-the-go presence is missing out on business opportunities.

Back in the mid-1990s, many business owners thought they didn’t need a website. However, having an effective website is considered to be a key factor in a small business’ success today.

30 years later, now the landscape has drastically changed and one needs to reach out to customers on multiple fronts. Marketing gurus tell you that you need a beautiful website that showcases your application in the best possible way. Then they say you also need an app for iOS and Android. and then they say well you actually also need email marketing too that would mean you also need a big budget to start the ball rolling.

There is a fast track approach called App Microsites, that have developed a style of their own; clean, professional and carefully designed. Generally, a large image of a device (usually a certain brand named after a popular fruit) takes center stage showcasing your product and services. The use of simpler app layout and icons allow your customers to see and associate with your products and services as well as the brand. These microsites tend to have vibrant colors, full-screen images, videos and other catchy and memorable resources as well as a small number of pages. The interface's design tends to be crisp and detailed.


Most agencies use a scripted approach in pushing you along one or the other path and based on your budget they try and add functionalities that you think you need and you can go all the way to 100k with no problem at all and spend it all.

If your budget is less than 10k then they push you towards building a standard website and if it is more than 10k they go through the following for 25k you get; Location-based or navigational elements? Information in real-time? Mobile is being your core differentiation from the competition? Native features of iOS and Android like notifications or sensor info?

For 50k and more you get; a design to be at a level that’s ready to win a market? To work well across many devices? and the combination of Native web apps, gamification and same for the website.

But as I mentioned there is also the third option where for less than 5k we can build you an App/Microsite and of up to 20 pages, iOS, and Android app to get your customers launch the app and reach key pages on your microsite with or without authentication Single sign-on (SSO). As well as getting some of the high-cost options like send notifications to your app users etc...


In 2017 we are are offering you the free app to test the concept and if you like it then get in touch and we can explain more. Follow the above image link to the iOS or Android app and see how the app and the microsite work together and review how it can potentially be developed for you with your branding and linking to the key pages on your microsite.

The app can indeed link to key pages on your existing site if you have a responsive design site with pages nice and light size that open up quickly.


Contact me and let's make something great together. You can expect to work with creative people with open minds and the ability to bring your ideas to life cost effectively. If you’d like to drop by, we’d love to meet you. but naturally, it may not be possible due to the fact that most of our clients are scattered all around the world, but just ping me here in linked in or email me and I will be glad to conduct a conference call and better understand your objectives.


About Salaro; We're only Human

We're a team of makers, thinkers, artists, coders, creators and managers.
We're serious about delivering great outcomes.
Web design and development is all about being creative whilst giving personal service that’s helpful, friendly and gets things done.
We make sure everything we create is designed for your needs, using advanced, scalable solutions on tried and tested Microsoft Platform Servers.
Please do contact me here in Linked in or reach out to me at Salar (at) salaro.org to arrange a call.

Web: http://salaro.com

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